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Dec. 19, 2021

Alzheimer’s Association mission, research and support services

Alzheimer’s Association mission, research and support services
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In this episode of Living with Alzheimer’s, I speak with Kristin Rossi, Vice President of Development at Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Chapter, about her role generating revenue to help fund Alzheimer’s Association research and support efforts. We also talk about the association’s mission and the many services it provides to the public.

Kristin shares how Weak to End Alzheimer’s events bring so many people together to support the association and each other. You can find walk events in your area at alz.org/walk. And you can donate directly at act.alz.org/donate.

Kristin shares information about support for caregivers and families and how Alzheimer’s Association’s support hotline at 800.272.3900 provides resources for them. And we talk about the association’s Science Hub app, which provides the public access to Alzheimer’s Association research news.